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Jackpot City Casino

Today we take a look at Jackpot City Casino. Now there have been other reviews written about this online casino, but here is my take. According to the experts, it has an overall rating of almost 5 stars. Although, some have given it only 4 stars. I guess it depends on who you ask and the overall preference. As an overview, you get more than 600 games, including slots and live dealers. It is put out by the Microgaming company. That alone makes it worth your time. Microgaming is a good company with a solid reputation.

Payouts and Money

Most of the withdrawal takes about 2 days, sometimes less. Players also get at least 97% of the payout ratio(which is one of the highest payout ratios you get). Some of the payout options include Visa, Mastercard, and other banking options. You can also choose e-wallet options(like Skrill). Now, some of the payout options might take more than 1-2 days(like bank transfers and cheques). However, the overall theme here is that the payouts come quick and easy. The casino offers some hard-to-find banking options too(like Ukash and e-check). How much is the minimum for deposits? That all depends on the method you use. The maximum is unlimited, so you have some room to breathe there.

Jackpot City not only offer Canadian casino players the ability to withdraw their winnings in record time but also allow players to deposit in small increments. This is unique facility is offered for all players that use PaySafeCard. Jackpot City is one of the few $1 minimum deposit casinos in Canada as listed on the CanadianCasinoExpert.com website. The only downside of taking advantage of this low deposit option at Jackpot City is that you will not be able to take up the $1600 welcome bonus unless you make a deposit of at least $10.

The Bonus Treatment and Other Offers and Promotions

Jackpot City has a wide variety of specials and bonuses to pick from. Minimum deposits require at least a $10 minimum. The redemption can be up to(and include) $1600. The casino will offer other bonuses that include everything from free spins to a cruise ship ticket(that is one of those rare, hard-to-find things other casinos do not do). Sometimes the casino will match things up to 100%. To be fair, sometimes the casino has an ulterior motive. Sometimes the support staff sees some players lagging with certain games(which is understandable), You get excited about new things and leave what you start behind. The staff will notice the inactivity. That is when they present you with some of those “bonuses”. It is the casino’s way of trying to entice you into playing the games again. The casino might also use the strategy to get you to play something new. The casino wants you to try everything(at least once). Be prepared for the bonuses and extra promotions to come your way. I would also suggest you take them up. You might just win a few extra dollars for trying something new. There is also the Loyalty Program(most casinos have at least one). It is geared toward the players that play the most. These are the players who are regulars there. It is a special reward. There is also a VIP Program. This program is for those who rise above the Loyalty Programs. These are the players who play more than anyone else. The best part is you get access to everything, including things the average player does not get. It includes 24/7 access every year.

Some Of The Games

1) You get the slots. Out of the more than 600 games offered, this casino gives you more than 300 slots. That is more than half of the overall gaming projection. You get everything from the Classic Reels to the Progressives. Yes, Mega Moolah is included in the equation. That one is very popular online. Some other great Canadian casinos that offer Mega Moolah include:

2) Do you like Blackjack? You will have several versions to choose from. Those versions include French, German, Chinese, and Vegas-Style. I would read up on how to play these before you start. Not knowing how to play some of these versions could cost you more than just your shirt.

3) They have Video Poker. This is another popular option online. You can choose anything from Single and Multi-hand to Power Poker. Once again, learn how to play before you play. Poker has a way of taking your money(especially if you do not know what you are doing).

What about the tournaments?

Jackpot City does have tournaments including ones related to slot machines, Blackjack, and Poker. The entrance fees do vary. Some are as little a 5 currency units, while others get as high as 25,000. Keep in mind, the 25,000 currency unit games are primarily for the high rollers and the VIP clubs. These are the players who have the money to burn, and then some.

Mobile Applications

Yes, players do have mobile options. More casinos are realizing just how important mobility is. You can get it through your Android or Apple device. There should not be any future downloads required(based on what I have seen). FYI Investigations into fraud(or possible fraud) are important to players. I did some research. I have not found a piece of evidence that links the casino to this(in any way), I would have included it in my review if I did. The support staff is very encouraging.


The only downside to be reported is this casino is not available in the US anymore(they passed that gaming law in 2006, remember?). Otherwise, I say this casino is worth the investment of time and money. Go ahead. Let me know in the comments what you think of the casino. Did I miss anything in the review? Hope this review has helped some of you out.