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How to Beat Casinos at their Own Game

1. The biggest mistakes that most people make in casinos

A lot of people find it thrilling to go to casinos and play games of chance. There’s a certain rush that people get from gambling and people who’ve never been to a casino before often assume that they can win a lot of money there. They are more likely to offer you a chance at winning less — like a prize from a game of roulette, for example. It may take many tries to win a lot of money, but by playing a game of chance, you are putting yourself in a position to win very little. And that’s what gambling is all about: taking small risks that along the way may end up with big rewards. As a general rule, most people will lose when they go to a casino. But, if you don’t play, you can’t win. This is why it’s important to do your research.

Play less

There are a lot of slots machines out there. Some you can play for real money. For example, I went to the downtown casino and there were video slots. But those were about the most realistic way to win money. If you’re willing to pay for a few hundred dollars ($400 for a full-time player), you can win back your money. If you play for a few hundred bucks and win, you get your money back and the dealer gives you another machine. Alternately, you can get a larger payout on real money.

How to get the best odds at a casino

Use online services

So, the machines are usually not the most exciting parts of casinos. But online casinos can be a great way to at least improve your odds. Online casinos allow you to play for real money. You don’t pay anything, and the machine provides a report on your level of success.

With an account, you’ll get a digital credit score, as well as assess the precision of your plays and the margins you are getting, as well as your risk tolerance.

2. What to do when you’re down on your luck

This is a difficult question because there is no one-size-fits-all answer. What might work for you might not work for someone else. However, when working out whether bringing home an easier payout from a particular machine at a casino, it is important to note that:

You can “beat” or “play” the machine, but you are not necessarily “in the driver’s seat.” People playing slot machines can apply ordinary profits to beat the machine at their own discretion. However, this isn’t always enough as there are several other options available for the parties to consider, including:

Get “chipped” into improving the machine. You can get a reduced payout for moving and altering a machine during play. Give the casino owner less rent in return for letting you operate and improve the machine. Play the machine yourself for a limited time, or hire a worker to do it. OR, Play the machine yourself for a limited time or hire a worker to do it.

How to win from rotating door prizes in a traditional “lotto” game, a player predicts the number of correct “pulls” (or “wins”) before the numbers are numbered. The fewer correct “pulls” a player guesses, the better their chance at winning. (In my experience playing with a lot of people, there is almost always more correct guesses than not; however, I have seen many people take way more than they should by chance.)

In a rotating permanent door lottery game, however, individuals get the same odds on which winning numbers other players will pull. If anyone guesses wrong, nobody points the finger and no one is penalized. In most states, you only get the “faith” of the person playing that day – if they decide, for whatever reason, that they’re not going to pull a winning number, nobody is penalized.

3. How good odds are not always equal to winning odds

There are three levels of odds, only one of which is good for you. Very good odds. Good odds. Bad odds. If you want to bet on something with very good odds, you have to bet a lot. If you want to bet on something with good odds, you have to bet a little. If you want to bet on something with poor odds, you will have to bet absolutely nothing.

To be a decent plumber, a professional gambler, or a world-class soccer player in the EPL, you have to know when you are paying good odds and when you are playing badly. If you’re flush with cash, you can boast about all the money you have. Aloud, of course. And if you are going to boast, you might as well have somebody else pay for your bragging and shout it from the roof of your house while they slap down the $5 bills.

The difference between an investor and a beginner slot machine player is the threshold for bad odds. The ratio of good to bad. You will need much more than good odds to be at a profitable disadvantage. One thing you should know about improving your odds at slot machines is this: There are routines to learn (and then you will become very, very good) and then there are formulas to master. This blog post is about the beginner’s formula. It is a simple formula to improve your odds of winning at slot machines. In order to master it, you will need to memorize a few things. If you can master these few, you’ll be well on your way to learning the routine.

Great Games to Play at a Casino

The best games to play at a casino

“What’s the best game to play at a casino?” is a question that a lot of people just starting out want to know. If you’re going to spend your money playing games, you want to have fun and win some money. It’s also important to decide if you’re going to stick with one game, or if you’re going to try a couple of different ones. In this article, we cover how you can choose which games will be the most fun, as well as how to play those games so that you have the best chance of winning.

1. The best games to play at a casino

There are many games you can play at a casino, but here are the ones you should play according to casino experts. Blackjack is the most popular game in casinos. It’s best to learn this game before you go to a casino to play. It’s a popular game because you can win big with a minimum bet of $500. There are a few different options on how to play blackjack. You can win big for free at home in your house, or you can play online at some online sites. You can also play at slot machines. If you’re just starting out, you will most likely want to play on a Friday night or Saturday night, because you’ll have more cash available to spend.

There is a minimum bet you need to play in order to win big in blackjack. You can play for free as long as your minimum bet is $500. If your minimum bet is less, you will have to pay up to have a chance to win. This $500 minimum bet includes all types of bets, including single, two, three, and hands. The name of the game starts with “Jack,” and the rules go by “a few rules of the game.” You will see another world in the game that means something slightly different than the name. When you begin to notice these rules, read and follow them closely. One of the most important rules is called the rule of “8.” If you’re going to play straight, then you have to pay at least 8 times the bet you chose. If there are a few players at the table, then there’s a minimum bet that everyone must pay, even if they think they’re going to win.

2. How to pick your slot machine game

There are many slot machine games and they all differ. Before you get started, you need to choose the game that’s right for you. If you’re not sure which game to choose, consider these factors:

  1. The amount of time you can devote to playing.
  2. The amount of money you have to spend.
  3. The selection of prizes. Play for a big prize to make the game more exciting.
  4. The rules. Some of the slot games will require that you follow the rules, such as the house rules, or the swing, however other slots games might require you to follow a different set of rules called the officially sanctioned rules.

When Deciding Which Game to Play

When you’re first starting with technology, determine how deep you are going to have access to the internet. You also need to decide if you’re going to use wired, wireless internet, or just do your gaming online. Also, consider if you will be able to play the games on your home computer or your smartphone device such as Android. Also, ask yourself what kind of games you want to play and what kind of software you want to download. You might even ask some of your veteran gamblers for advice. Regardless you want to make sure that you’re aware of your options.

3. Craps: how it’s played, and how you can win

Let’s look at a breakdown of the basics of the game and how to play craps. Considering that the stakes are low in this game, the chance of winning is pretty low as well. There are now a ton of other casino games that you can play at the casino. Some are similar to craps, others are much more elaborate and have high stakes for the players. Some are great for only a few players, some are for groups of people from all different skill levels. Craps is by no means a game that you can play over the span of a few hours, but knowing the rules is important for you to have a good chance at winning.

Craps can be played with regular dice, as well as casinos’ exact dice. You can also buy custom-made sets to match your exact set. This could be the best way to guarantee yourself a high-roll, but you could also try and sell some of them on eBay or gamble them away yourself if you really want to.

Personally, I love playing craps with the regular dice, but I’ve played games with dice made from wheels of many different sizes and colours. Due to their design, the dice can be harder to get a good roll on without buying extra sets.

4. Roulette: the basics of the game

Roulette is a game of chance played with a wheel and a small ball. The game uses two different types of bets: the inside bets and the outside bets. The outside bets are placed on the table or the layout. Everybody begins with the same amount of chips. The game continues until somebody wins. The fun of gambling is that there is actually an outcome – and the outcome actually matters!

Everybody wants to feel like they achieved a win. As the person who started out playing, you care quite a bit about your outcome. There are different ways of losing. In roulette, you can lose all or any of your money. There is also a chance that you’ll lose money but not play the game. Most people play with all or none of their chips. They either keep — or they lose. How you can choose which games to play? And what kind of games should you play? That depends on what type of person you are, what kind of room you’ll be in or what kind of environment you’ll be in. Just because a game is exciting, doesn’t mean that it will be fun. As with any game, you should first figure out whether it is right for you.

Jackpot City Casino

Today we take a look at Jackpot City Casino. Now there have been other reviews written about this online casino, but here is my take. According to the experts, it has an overall rating of almost 5 stars. Although, some have given it only 4 stars. I guess it depends on who you ask and the overall preference. As an overview, you get more than 600 games, including slots and live dealers. It is put out by the Microgaming company. That alone makes it worth your time. Microgaming is a good company with a solid reputation.

Payouts and Money

Most of the withdrawal takes about 2 days, sometimes less. Players also get at least 97% of the payout ratio(which is one of the highest payout ratios you get). Some of the payout options include Visa, Mastercard, and other banking options. You can also choose e-wallet options(like Skrill). Now, some of the payout options might take more than 1-2 days(like bank transfers and cheques). However, the overall theme here is that the payouts come quick and easy. The casino offers some hard-to-find banking options too(like Ukash and e-check). How much is the minimum for deposits? That all depends on the method you use. The maximum is unlimited, so you have some room to breathe there.

Jackpot City not only offer Canadian casino players the ability to withdraw their winnings in record time but also allow players to deposit in small increments. This is unique facility is offered for all players that use PaySafeCard. Jackpot City is one of the few $1 minimum deposit casinos in Canada as listed on the website. The only downside of taking advantage of this low deposit option at Jackpot City is that you will not be able to take up the $1600 welcome bonus unless you make a deposit of at least $10.

The Bonus Treatment and Other Offers and Promotions

Jackpot City has a wide variety of specials and bonuses to pick from. Minimum deposits require at least a $10 minimum. The redemption can be up to(and include) $1600. The casino will offer other bonuses that include everything from free spins to a cruise ship ticket(that is one of those rare, hard-to-find things other casinos do not do). Sometimes the casino will match things up to 100%. To be fair, sometimes the casino has an ulterior motive. Sometimes the support staff sees some players lagging with certain games(which is understandable), You get excited about new things and leave what you start behind. The staff will notice the inactivity. That is when they present you with some of those “bonuses”. It is the casino’s way of trying to entice you into playing the games again. The casino might also use the strategy to get you to play something new. The casino wants you to try everything(at least once). Be prepared for the bonuses and extra promotions to come your way. I would also suggest you take them up. You might just win a few extra dollars for trying something new. There is also the Loyalty Program(most casinos have at least one). It is geared toward the players that play the most. These are the players who are regulars there. It is a special reward. There is also a VIP Program. This program is for those who rise above the Loyalty Programs. These are the players who play more than anyone else. The best part is you get access to everything, including things the average player does not get. It includes 24/7 access every year.

Some Of The Games

1) You get the slots. Out of the more than 600 games offered, this casino gives you more than 300 slots. That is more than half of the overall gaming projection. You get everything from the Classic Reels to the Progressives. Yes, Mega Moolah is included in the equation. That one is very popular online. Some other great Canadian casinos that offer Mega Moolah include:

2) Do you like Blackjack? You will have several versions to choose from. Those versions include French, German, Chinese, and Vegas-Style. I would read up on how to play these before you start. Not knowing how to play some of these versions could cost you more than just your shirt.

3) They have Video Poker. This is another popular option online. You can choose anything from Single and Multi-hand to Power Poker. Once again, learn how to play before you play. Poker has a way of taking your money(especially if you do not know what you are doing).

What about the tournaments?

Jackpot City does have tournaments including ones related to slot machines, Blackjack, and Poker. The entrance fees do vary. Some are as little a 5 currency units, while others get as high as 25,000. Keep in mind, the 25,000 currency unit games are primarily for the high rollers and the VIP clubs. These are the players who have the money to burn, and then some.

Mobile Applications

Yes, players do have mobile options. More casinos are realizing just how important mobility is. You can get it through your Android or Apple device. There should not be any future downloads required(based on what I have seen). FYI Investigations into fraud(or possible fraud) are important to players. I did some research. I have not found a piece of evidence that links the casino to this(in any way), I would have included it in my review if I did. The support staff is very encouraging.


The only downside to be reported is this casino is not available in the US anymore(they passed that gaming law in 2006, remember?). Otherwise, I say this casino is worth the investment of time and money. Go ahead. Let me know in the comments what you think of the casino. Did I miss anything in the review? Hope this review has helped some of you out.

Captain Spins Casino

The Captain is deemed one of the most futuristic online casinos out there, offering a myriad of top-rated games and bonuses. Their site is straightforward and easy to use. Players can find numerous games from the site, emanating from a plethora of developers. There are also provisions of promotions that can interest players. They can also make deposits and withdrawals using several methods that ascertain convenience on the player’s part. Below are some of the gaming options available on the site:

Game Options

There are over 60 progressive slots that offer players jackpots, hence massive winnings. It is worth noting that progressive games are among the most popular games in the online casino industry. They offer players jackpots that are progressive in the sense that the more players engage them from various casinos, the more their value increases; eventually, one of the players becomes the sole lucky winner. The progressive jackpots are a category of live plays updated in Realtime for players to view their instantaneous value. Some of the popular jackpots at the casino Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. However, there are other games on the casino categorized into Live Casino, Scratchcards, Table Games, and New games. The above game categories emanate from developers such as NetEnt, Thunderkick, Play’n Go, Red Tiger, and Evolution Gaming. Some of the latest games that players can enjoy on the site include Star clusters, Reel Keeper, and Cash Noire. There are other games available as the site comprises over 1500 games, including a Captain Spins VIP category where players are offered free plays and spins. The VIP category comes with advantages such as no deposit bonuses, dedicated VIP Hosts 24/7, lower wagering requirements, and invitation of events locally and abroad.

Customer Support and Security

Concerning inquiries or cases where players encounter any challenges while on the site, they can reach the support team through a 24/7 live chat available in multiple languages. One can also send an email at, especially for matters that do not require urgency. It is worth noting that email responses may take up to 72 hours. Concerning security, most players are usually worried about their personal and financial details, but Captain Spins Casino assures their customers’ protection of such information. Thus, they have nothing to worry about in that regard. Regarding regulations, which is a vital security aspect, the casino is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and The Maltese Gaming Authorities. Its credibility is also ascertained by the fact that it operates on the White Hat Gaming Limited, a platform recognized for its safety insofar as online gambling is concerned. Additionally, the casino is audited by eCogra for fairness. Players are also not to worry about their data as the site is protected by 128-bit encryption, a modern technology that safeguards them from third party interruptions.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Captain Spins offers players a myriad of methods upon which they can make deposits and withdrawals. Some of the safest and efficient ways available on the site include Skrill Visa Sofort Trustly Bank ID Interac Neteller MasterCard Bank Wire. There is a minimum deposit of $10 for deposits, which is affordable, particularly for starters. Additionally, there is a minimum withdrawal of the same amount. Most importantly, the casino does not display any form of suspicions towards its customers. However, it is worth noting that bonuses should be used up before final withdrawals are made because they varnish if not used beforehand. It is also essential for players to note that deposits are usually processed faster than withdrawals. E-wallet users can, however, receive their withdrawals within 24 hours, while other methods such as online banking take up to 48 hours.

Bonus and Promotions

Bonuses and promotion offerings are considered vital in gambling, and Captain Spins is not short of them. The gambling site offers two types of welcome bonuses upon which players can profit. One of the bonuses includes a combination of free spins and funds culminating to £1,200 and 260 bonus spins on selected slots. The other type of bonus is most appropriate for sole slot game lovers. The latter, welcome bonus, offers gamblers 520 free spins on top rated slot games. Upon signing up, players are eligible to a 100% match bonus amounting to 300+ 50 bonus spins. Second-time deposits enable a player to garner 300+ 60 bonus spins, the third bonus gives 300+ 70 bonus spins, and the fourth deposit provides players with a chance of amassing 300+ 80 bonus spins. However, new players must note that the above bonuses are only available as long as they are new on the platform and are only valid for the first four deposits. The bonus funds can only be claimed separately separate from other types of funds. Another important point worth noting is that deposits made through Skrill and Neteller are not eligible for sign-up bonuses. There is also a Loyalty Program, which is usually a way of thanking players for engaging the Captain Spins site. It is available for all players with an account with Captain Spins. It consists of five tiers which are: Amateur, New Recruit, Extreme, and Legend. The higher one goes in the hierarchy, the more perks they earn. Players higher up the ladder are likely to enjoy bonuses, cash rewards, free spins, exclusive promotions and cash rewards. The only way to go up the ladder is by placing real money wagers, hence the accumulation of points that propel one up till the legend status. Upon reaching the legend status, players are eligible to invite a VIP Honors Club. One earns an Elite VIP status that guarantees them faster withdraws, real money rewards, cash prizes, an invitation to global shows, and high-value bonuses, etc.

Wagering Requirements

Free spins require one to play through 35x before a withdrawal request is made. Players who deposit £20 need to play through at least £700 or their equivalence before making withdrawal requests. The playthrough requirements apply to bonus cash and the 260 bonus spins. Additionally, players should understand that not all games are vital in the wagering process as slot games contribute 100% towards meeting such requirements while table games contribute nothing in that regard.


Captain Spins Casino is a dynamic platform that is poised for a brighter future. The casino is imbued with credibility and a myriad of options both for financial opportunities and gaming. Recognition by three credible institutions raises the legitimacy of the casino. Thus, players have nothing to worry insofar as credibility is concerned. Personal data is also protected by one of the best encryption technologies available in the market, which raises players’ confidence. The more players engage the casino, the more they accumulate points—essential for their VIP ranking. The VIP ranking enables players to enjoy exclusive services from the casino, such as fast withdraws and unique invitations. Such special treatments encourage players to more vigorously engage the casino, thus inviting more rewards and bonuses. Players are offered numerous means of depositing and withdrawing funds, which makes the casino convenient and reliable to most players.

Johnny Jackpot Casino

Launched in 2018, Johnny Jackpot Casino has quickly gained a name for itself as an industry leader in online gaming. They feature hundreds of pokies from the world-renowned designers Microgaming and White Hat Gaming, also some from the ultra-popular Net Entertainment (also known as NetEnt for short), along with others. All of the blackjack, roulette, video poker, and live gaming features are based on NetEnt’s and White Hat Gaming’s solid infrastructure software and offer a wide variety of appealing graphics and intuitive user interfaces. This makes playing with Johnny Jackpot Casino an absolute pleasure from beginning to end.

Fair Practices and Gameplay

They are constantly under the supervision of the Malta Gaming Authority and eCOGRA, so you can rest assured that they offer fair gaming practices to all players. Plus, their random number generator is above par for the industry and creates as random of outcomes that you could find anywhere. The generator routinely gets checked out by and has repeatedly been endorsed by, both the United Kingdom Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Earning the Johnny Jackpot Casino top honours in both the areas of fair gameplay and in their casino operating practices. Achieving their widespread success and reputation as a top choice for gamers all over Canada has not come easy. This virtual casino continues to work hard to create a safe and fair gaming experience to all its players. They do this by offering and using only the best practices and procedures. Which sets them apart from many of the less dedicated and less scrupulous other virtual casino options. That is not even considering they have obtained the POGG Deposit Guarantee seal. This means that you can trust them to keep your deposit safe and not confiscate your deposits or winning without a clear breach of service terms on your end. It also means that they will willingly discuss any disputes or complaints from players and will not hide information on these issues. All in all, it is just one more plus to their resume that goes to show how trustworthy the casino is. You will not encounter any shady business dealings with these guys, and that you can count on.

The Pokies Available on Jonny Jackpot Casino’s Platform:

Their game vault features a massive selection of pokies. From classic 3 to 5-reel single-line machines to more modern 5 plus reels with multiple line payouts and a huge variety of bonus features. Some of the pokies have bonuses like free spins, scatter bonus rounds, wild symbols, and a whole host of other distinctive features that are unique to each game. Many have consuming storylines that suck you in and get you invested in the characters and their journeys or struggles as you play spin after spin. This keeps things interesting and exciting for an endless supply of hours upon hours of gaming. With an enormous list of game designers contributing to this casino, you can rest assured you will find plenty of titles that you know and love along with hundreds of others to choose from. Some of these designers include Microgaming, Netent, Thunderkick, Micro, WHG, ELK Studios, Multicommerce, Just for the Win, Genesis, Foxium, 2 by 2 Gaming, Merkur, Lightning Box, Big Time Gaming, Aristocrat, Leander Gaming and NYX. As you can see, there is not going to be a shortage of new and state of the art titles to choose from on Johnny Jackpots Casino platform. You will be sure to find a title that you will quickly fall in love with, and everyone has at least one favorite, many players have multiple favorite game titles. With so many options, it is not a surprise that some people are hard-pressed to narrow it down to just one game. So, whether you like the more classically designed slots like Mega Moolah and King Tusk, or you like the more modern pokies like Avalon and Fortunium, Johnny Jackpot Casino has something to meet all your wants and needs.

The Table Games Available on the Johnny Jackpot Casino Platform:

Then there are the table games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Craps which this virtual casino boasts great versions of. They have realistic graphics that make you feel like your sitting at a table in a high-class casino anywhere in the world. The immersive designs of these games are sure to draw some attention and will hook any gambler in nonstop thrills and exciting gameplay. With both live versions and regular app like games available, you are sure to find something that tickles your fancy. They even have a wide variety of Poker tables to choose from. Many of these are live gaming tables, and all the live tables are powered by White Hat Gaming. When playing these tables, you will instantly notice their dreamcatcher off to the side, which offers more bonuses and opportunities to win than a standard table game would have available at a regular casino. This means that your money goes further and has more chances at winning than people who spend their money at brick and mortar casinos only. You have more opportunities for scoring some real payouts.

Payout Rates for Johnny Jackpot Casino:

With some games ranging up to as high as 99% payout rates, its incredible how much gaming you will get for your buck and how many opportunities to win big you are faced with on this site. It varies from game to game but overall, this casino averages a payout rate of 97%. Which puts it in the top paying casino category and is just another enticing feature of Johnny Jackpot Casino. For all Canadians, and other gamers, this is a great choice for fulfilling all your gambling and gaming needs. Here you will be faced with huge progressive jackpots and plenty of winning hands, spins, or other returns on your bets.

Promotions, Bonuses, and Deals:

This virtual casino offers some highly competitive signup bonuses, and that just kicks off a trend of handing out currency to bet with to all their players. Whether it is matching a single first deposit or second and third deposits for new gamers of up to 100%, or a stack of free spins, you are sure to find a great introductory deal on Johnny Jackpot. Just remember that there are wage requirements before you can withdraw bonus funds into your bank account. For example, if they set a 30x wager requirement, then you must bet 3000$ in all before you can withdraw 100$ to whatever account you use to cash out from the casino. But with that much free money in your hands from sign up bonuses and other promotional offers, it will not be hard to hit this wagering requirement and you will reach it quicker than you would think. Hopefully, you strike it rich with a few big spins on the pokies during free spins awarded to you from your signup bonus. Or, maybe you will land a great hand at the tables while you’re working your way through your signup matched deposit bonus. Whatever way you bet and win to meet the set amount required for withdraws you will enjoy this virtual casino, more than others you may have played on in the past. Even when it comes down to playing your own money, the chances of winning big jackpots and prizes are high. Once you see just how much, it will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time you are gaming with the Johnny Jackpot Casino.

Loyalty Rewards Program:

Every time you place a bet with Johnny Jackpot, whether it be on a blackjack hand or a pokie spin, you earn loyalty points. The more you bet the more points you obtain. As these points accumulate through the six stages of loyalty rewards you earn different bonus amounts. Once you reach a certain number of bonus points in your loyalty rewards centre you can trade them in for currency to bet with. Again, wager requirements apply before you can withdraw the funds from loyalty rewards, but at least the wagering requirement is much lower in this area.

Overall Review:

No matter what you enjoy playing to fulfill your gambling needs, you will find it on Johnny Jackpot. You will be sure to find games you love to play and will discover a whole host of new ones that you will enjoy even more. This platform is fair, honest, reputable, and offers great rewards for all of their new and continuing players. You will surely have a blast gaming the hours away on this virtual casino platform. Its intuitive design makes navigation easy, and with a huge variety of depositing options, you will find yourself set up with a new account and playing to your heart’s desire in no time. So, go on and try them out for yourself. Trust us, you’ll be glad you gave Johnny Jackpot Casino a chance and they will exceed your expectations. They exceeded ours quickly as we discovered for ourselves all that they have to offer.

Cookie Casino

The Cookie Casino has been known as the best reliable and reasonable casino. On the off chance that you’re looking to play your good fortune and win a few huge bucks. If you are looking to play slots or on the tables. There are numerous betting games you’re able to select from and increase your chances at winning huge. The cookie casino genuinely lives up to its special title and imaginative style of their theme. The great interesting include at cookie casino is that it isn’t the same old casino that you just may be used to.

The cookie casino has developed into its one of a kind within which utilizes the most extreme fun and welcoming modern high-quality design. The cookie casino is exceptionally inviting and has astonishing data to assist each player specifically if any one of their clients has any issues at all. There are numerous slots and table games categories that you and your friends can utilize to quickly navigate to your preferred casino games you would like to play. The extraordinary huge add on that cookie casino has is that its payout is less at the point 24 hours. Most other casino payouts are up to three business days to payout online.

Now there is one thing that the cookie casino doesn’t offer right now and that is a download app to their website. You and your friends can access most of your favourite games within the windows devices that you have. All the cookie casinos all supported by the HTML this means that you and your friends can get the same top experiences and value of the quality on your mobile devices and your desktop. Cookie casino comes with the most excellent computer program and the most fun online slots and poker table games for you and your friends to appreciate.

The cookie casino also provides you and your friend with a personal dealer that is included with your choices of any of the cookie casino games. You and your friends are now able to access the cookie casino top of the line most exciting slots games. The cookie casino includes some of their number one top excellent slots like:

Dead or Alive Slots

Piggy Riches Slots

And many more that are hot right now and ready for you to play non-stop with your friends.

The cookie casino has been known for its utmost trustworthy and loyalty they offer to every customer that plays at their casino. They are fair and treat each one with the best and utmost respect. The cookie casino was established in 2019. They are validly licensed casinos and keep their software and regulations up to date with the state laws. There are some more interesting facts you need to know also about the cookie casino. Because the cookie casino has given so much effort in many ways. The casino is accessible to the globe but there are still some countries that have not been able to have the opportunity as some of the other countries. This has nothing to do with your cookie casino and don’t blame them on this because it does not lay on them at all. It is your countries and state laws about gambling and what their regulation is.

Here are some of the countries that are not able to share the cookie casino opportunity: the UK, USA, and Republic. There are many more so just beware if you are not able to use the cookie casino. It is not their fault it is what your countries and state regulation are. Cookie casino is one of the casinos you and your friends will be enthusiastic about and will love to take advantage of the brilliant opportunity that the cookie casino has to offer. Remember to be mindfully independent and enjoy the fun you and your friends will have at the cookie casino.

You and your friends enjoy the excitement and the enjoyment you get when you win big huge bucks. If you are definitely in the Canada area then you and your friends should check out the cookie casino. It is amazing with the unique design creativeness it gives you and your friends. It is safe for all players and always with new updates on bonus rounds and huge amounts of payouts. They make sure that all their players are treated fair and made the main priority when it comes to providing the best customer services for each of their clients. You and your friends will not regret checking out the cookie casino. You never know you just might be the lucky one to bet and win some huge bucks or hit that bonus round in your first turn. So have a good time and what are you waiting for to go to the cookie casino now!

Lucky Nugget Casino

Everyone enjoys gambling a little every now and then. It can be a nice way to relax after a long day at work. Or it can be a great way to get a thrill and enjoy a Saturday. But now with modern technology, you can gamble online from anywhere. You can gamble on a slow day at work. Or on vacation with your family. It is all available at your fingertips. And you can gamble real money and win real money. Check out Lucky Nugget Casino for all the specifics. They are a highly rated and great online casino.

Lucky Nugget Casino proves that there are casinos who are putting the customer first. They want you to have enjoyable gameplay and not feel cheated.

Lucky Nugget has been around since 1998. Starting as just a basic in-person casino. Over the last twenty years, it has evolved into a casino available on many different platforms and many different titles and themed games.

The overarching theme of the Lucky Nugget Casino is the gold rush. The major win at the Lucky Nugget Casino is called the Strike Gold. It is when the player wins typically a huge jackpot. It is essentially the goal of everyone who walks through the doors.

The Lucky Nugget Casino is licensed with the United Kingdom and the European Union. Part of the European Union is the Government of Malta. They follow the ruling of the Interactive Gaming Council. So you can know that when you are gambling with them your identity, credit cards and money is perfectly safe. The undergo reviews every single month to ensure that they are always following the rules of gambling and treating their customers well. Gambling has a way of bringing out cheaters. So this monthly review ensures that your safe and sound when gambling at the Lucky Nugget Casino.

There is a licensing company known as eCOGRA or eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. The Lucky Nugget Casino has attained the highest standard when it comes to fair gameplay, prompt payouts, player service and responsible casino conduct.

They have recently renovated their encryption service when it comes to utilizing your credit card for online gambling. The recent encryption upgrades ensure that your identity and credit card numbers are safe and sound. You can know that your money will be safe sound and fraud-free with the Lucky Nugget Casino.

Although the overarching theme of the casino is the gold rush and winning the big gold vein there are many different types of games available at the Lucky Nugget Casino. They have everything from slots to table games. They also have amazing casino entertainment. Poker is the top reviewed game that Lucky Nugget Casino offers.

The Lucky Nugget Casino offers the most popular games available. From Nine Masks of Fire to Dragon Shard, there is a little bit of everything for everyone on Lucky Nuggets online platform. They also have casino games available in many different languages. They know that many different cultures have people that enjoy gambling. So they strive to make it available to everyone by offering a variety of games and a variety of languages. Come to Lucky Nugget casino to win the Gold and leave after enjoying a huge variety of games, themes and languages.

Overall the reviews for Lucky Nugget Casinos actual game players is good. There are few good and a few bad reviews that have come up. The Lucky Nugget players enjoy the wide variety of games available as well as the safe platform. They have been around for over twenty years so they are considered highly reputable. However, along with this is customers begging for an upgraded online platform.

Some reviewers complain about parts of the website not working correctly as well as the home page is confusing to navigate. There are also some complaints about the Lucky Nugget Casino not being available to the United States Citizens. This is mainly because of licensing issues. It is expensive and time-consuming to get registered as a licensed casino in the United States.

The Lucky Nugget Casino is available on basically every single platform. From your cell phone to your computer you can gamble anywhere. And of course in person in the United Kingdom. All of these options make it easier and more fun to gamble. You can play a couple of gambling games every single day from the comfort of your own home.

There are many things that people enjoy doing to let loose a little. Long stressful days call for a glass of wine and a couple of fun online gambling games. Consider trying out the Lucky Nugget casino and enjoy a wonderful gambling experience. They promise a consumer-centred experience that is highly regulated to ensure the safety of your identity and credit card numbers. Consider Lucky Nugget next time you are looking for a pleasant gambling experience.

SuperLenny Casino

SuperLenny Casino

SuperLenny is a safe, fun and an independent guide which allows you to give the best experience when it comes to casino and sportsbook. SuperLenny has over 100 casinos which can make sure that you work hard to meet every single bet. They are known to have some of the best mascots, which is an extremely well-dressed creature who is a half-man and half stag. The creature is not a slouch, and the antlers are always on point. He is always on point even when there is a killer promotion and helps them show the casino offers.

They have thousands of online casino games out there, and it is very difficult to find one which game can lead to your win. SuperLenny allows you to ensure that you have an expert who can help make a good casino work. They offer some of the best bonuses, sportsbook from live casino games. SuperLenny has many special deals which have made it the best when it comes to finding the right deals out there. They have the best welcome bonus and packages for you. They can help you evaluate the sports betting promotions using various sportsbooks providers as well as loyalty programs.


They have the best collection of slot games which has made them the leading slot developers including the NetEnt, Play’n Go, Yggdrasil and many more. SupperLenny offers a variety of slot titles to choose from which can help ensure that you indulge on the right games. Sports betting is one game which has helped them unify a lot of people. Sports betting events have helped them ensure that even rivalry is also an integral part of the competition. They try to ensure that your game a lot of dimensions allowing you to bet the best wager on the event. This ensures a lot of excitement and entertainment into the world of action. They are the best until the final moments of the best where you are allowed to bet for the multitude of options.

SupperLenny tries to make sure that you are safe all in all as they have a special feature. This feature allows the player to set a limit and stick to it. Some people who might find it hard to stop playing can gain from this feature. supperLenny is the game you have to play if you are a die-hard slot fan or table game player. You will require some of the best skills to win against the players. Try to ensure that you have clear, concise and reliable information which can give you better gaming experience. SuperLenny aims at the improvement, and we can assure you that improvement is what they show.


PlayFrank Casino

PlayFrank Casino

PlayFrank Casino is known for its weird-looking mascots which have helped them gain an Alien-like personality. The PlayFrank mascot is a single-eyed and nubby limbed creature which comes out to be very intimidating. The main aspect is that even with the intimidating looks, the creature is quite a friendly one. The people are PlayFrank take their ambassador quite seriously allowing everyone to treat him right.

PlayFrank has more than 900 games at any time which has helped ensure that you can enjoy some of the best games. PlayFrank works on many softwares namely the Microgaming, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Betsift, Nyx Interactive, Play’n GO, PariPlay, Quickspin, Playson, Endorphina, Booming Games, Genii, Stakelogic. Also, one of the factors for their large fanbase due to their various different payment methods like EcoPayz, Maestro, Mastercard, Neteller, Paysafe Cards, Speed Cards, Visa Electron, mobile payment, etc.

creature is quite

Some other features that help them stay on top of the game is the fact that they have a 24-hour withdrawal buffer. This gives the players something to hand on to ensuring the casino has the right time to payback the players profit. One of the best things that allow the audience to keep them safe is the fact that they have a live chat open 24/7. This allows the audience to connect to them whenever needed allowing them to keep everything in the right track.

The main attraction towards PlayFrank is that they have a very transparent bonus condition which helps the audience learn where their money is going. They also have a good customer support team which has led to the people trusting in the website. This website has a modern design and good usability, attracting more customers.


The reward system allows loyal customers to enjoy their experience with them. The variety of casino slots that they offer allows everyone to find the game that they like and get winning. Some of the best games that they have to offer is immortal romance, mermaid millions, thunderstruck 2, etc. With the addition to the new games, they have given themselves a game night allowing the players to play games and earn diamond which has helped improve the overall experience of one visiting a casino. These diamonds can also be turned into real cash by them.

Some drawbacks that have made it difficult for people to connect to the Casino is the fact that they have a lot of restricted countries which means that they have to ignore a lot of potential markets. Another drawback is the discrepancies between the deposits, which has their very own withdrawal methods. They do not offer any cheques but can give you a bank transfer fro about 2-7 days.

Thrills Casino

Thrills Casino

Thrills casino is a new online casino which was established in the year 2013. A trustworthy site which can allow the person to play and learn. The casino offers a sleek design and simplistic and modern features. It is designed to ensure that the modern individual is playing their favourite games as quickly as possible. Thrills is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and have some of the best gaming options allowing you to ensure that you can enjoy you game.

The Thrill seeker is the mascot of thrill, which is a wild, adrenaline junkie. There is no feat too challenging for this mascot. He has been known to do all sorts of things from racing motorcycles to being the shot out of a cannon. Although the mascot might look crazy, he is a helpful soul which can help ensure that you have a good time with the casino.

mascot of thrill,

Thrills is not your traditional online casino, but you can be sure that the site is not a scam. Thrills is one of the most respected and regulated online casino today. Thrills always pride itself to run with integrity, where players are well protected. This site is not for everyone as it is specifically designed to match the Scandinavian crowd. The prime advantage that they provide is the fact that the transactions are quick and easy. There are many different games to consider from which can give you the right amount of entertainment with the time you visit. There is around 575 number of games which with which the 500 of them are slots.

The website offers more than enough genre to help capture your interest. There are some new as well old games which can give you the right start for the day. With slots, you can be sure that you have a chance to win the jackpot and with table game, your strategy can lead you to a win. There are quite a few options here which can help ensure that you get various different versions of blackjack, roulette, etc. There are many ways one can interact with the players and feel safe. There are many numbers of games which are specifically designed to meet the needs of mobile users.

The thrill does not offer traditional casino bonus as they are focused on attracting players who already know what they want. If you want to access your favourite game with Trills, you can that too with minimal fuss. They also help ensure that you get the right per cent cash back offers on your weekly losses as well. This is one way the casino is trying to ensure that you get a sure-fire win and do not be discouraged by the loss.



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